About The Waterproofers

The Waterproofers were established in 1978 as a Butynol waterproofing specialist named Butynol Fixers. Over the intervening years, The Waterproofers have expanded into utilising the full spectrum of waterproofing membrane systems culminating in changing our company name to better reflect the nature of our work and what we are most commonly known as on site – The Waterproofers.

Over the years we have been operating The Waterproofers have witnessed many changes in both waterproofing products and the standards to which they must be applied. We carefully evaluate any product we wish to add to our line up to ensure they will stand the test of time and that there is an adequate inspection and testing protocol in place to keep our, and your, minds at rest.

Burswood Island Casino

Various waterproofing products at Burswood Island (now Crown) Casino, Perth in 1985.

To maximise our quality we avoid using subcontractors. All waterproofing works performed by The Waterproofers are by our own staff. New staff are not allowed operate unsupervised on any jobs until both our contracts manager and general manager are satisfied (and the staff member has demonstrated) they possess the skills and level of quality required to match our long term warranties.

We have extensive experience in systems such as Ardex Butynol, Whitecross Butylite, Trelleborg EDPM, torch-applied bitumen systems from various suppliers, TPO & Sarnafil, and a multitude of liquid systems.  We are also the experienced and registered installers of the award-winning Beutyliner pond, dam & roof liner systems – allowing us the freedom to not only keep water out, but keep it in as well.